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Root Canal Treatment Paschim Vihar: An Insight into RCT

Have you ever thought why there is fear when we talk about the term root canal treatment in Paschim Vihar? The idea of treatment being painful makes us anxious. Hence we are never willing to get the root canal treatment done unless it becomes an emergency.

Whereas in reality, if the treatment is carried out properly it is not associated with any pain.

With advancing technology, the dental procedures have become less painful and more comfortable.

Root canal treatment is a dental procedure that is carried out to save a decayed tooth from removal. We, dentists believe in saving natural tooth structures instead of getting it replaced by an artificial structures because the efficiency of a natural tooth is always better than the artificial prosthesis. 

Root canal treatment is a dental procedure that can be completed in a single visit, in case the tooth is not infectious. A root canal treatment can be carried out by both general dentists and endodontists. An endodontist is an expert in root canal treatment and is proficient in treating and doing re-treatment of simple to complex teeth that are pulpal involved. We at Whitestar Dental have aimed to provide high-quality dental treatment, trusting our specialists to provide the right and needed treatment to our patients.

A root canal treatment has various stages : 

Prior to root canal treatment, an x-ray of the infected tooth is taken to know the extent of infection involving the tooth structure. 

Initially, the infected tooth is anaesthetised using local anaesthesia, which results in numbness around the area, to make the procedure as painless and comfortable as possible.

Once the area is completely Anaesthetised, we start the root canal procedure.

The infected part of the tooth is removed and a small access opening is made on the tooth surface, to reach the pulp canal inside the tooth structure. Thereafter, the infected pulp is removed using Endodontic files and broaches.

The proper length of the pulp canals are estimated using an apex locator and then canals are cleaned using hand and rotary file system to make the procedure quick and easy.

Lastly, Gutta Percha which is the most commonly used filling material is used to fill and seal the canals to prevent reinfection.

A crown should be placed to protect the treated tooth and restore your bite.  Crowns are generally given after waiting for a couple of days to ensure that the procedure was carried out properly.

After reading this article you might be wondering since it's a lengthy process, chances are that it might be a costly treatment. 

The cost of the procedure sometimes becomes a concern looking at the elaborate process of treatment. However, at WHITESTAR DENTAL CLINIC we believe in providing quality and suitable treatment to our patients at affordable prices. We also give equal importance to our hygienic standards. The dental chair, surfaces are thoroughly disinfected. All the instruments are sterilised properly.

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