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Understanding the Basics of a Root Canal Treatment

Well, you must be wondering what root canal treatment is ? as you must have heard this term while visiting a dentist. It is a conservative treatment that is carried out to provide relief from the pain caused by infectious teeth.

Before understanding what root canal treatment is and how it is carried out, we should know the basic structure of our tooth for better understanding.

The tooth consists of various layers, the outermost layer is known as enamel which is really hard. Middle layer is known as dentin that surrounds the inner-most part of the tooth known as the pulp.

When the pulp area gets infected, we experience pain as it consists of all the nerves and blood vessels. Therefore, when the pulp gets infected, the patient may complain of the following problems -

Continuous pain

- swelling of gums around the infected area

- sensitivity to hold and cold food items

In cases like this, it is generally suggested to undergo root canal treatment.

Root canal treatment is a process that is carried out in 3-4 sittings depending on the amount of infection. These days root canal treatment is carried out by both an endodontist as well as a general Dentist. It is advisable to get your root canal treatment by an endodontist who is root canal treatment specialist as they have studied extra 3 years to specialise in the following field.

Before carrying out root canal treatment an x-ray is taken to confirm the extent of damage to the tooth. In case, the damage involves the pulp of the tooth, then root canal treatment is carried out. It is a multistep treatment. The steps of root canal treatment are -

The infected tooth is anaesthetised, which results in numbness around that area which prevents discomfort to the patient.

After the area is properly anaesthetised, an Access hole is made - all the infected part of the tooth is removed and at the same time a small opening is made through which the pulp can be accessed.

Pulp removal - then tiny dental instruments are used to remove the infected pulp present in the tooth.

Cleaning and shaping. After the infected pulp is removed, the area is properly cleaned, disinfected and shaped.

Filling - the empty canals are properly filled with a root canal-filling material known as gutta-percha. The tooth is sealed with dental filling material to prevent re- entering of bacteria.

Lastly, it is advised that a cap also known as a crown should be placed to protect the treated tooth and restore your bite. Crowns are custom-made, and fabrication usually takes a couple of days. When your crown is ready, the temporary filling is removed and the permanent crown is placed.

Now, there is a notion associated with root canal treatment that it is a very painful procedure but in reality, it is just a myth. If it is carried out properly, then it is a completely painless procedure.

An alternative treatment for root canal treatment is extraction which in common terms is known as tooth removal. It is advised to save as much of the natural tooth structure as possible because things in their natural forms are always better off than their artificial versions.

We at WhiteStar Dental Clinic, aim at providing the best suitable treatment to our patients. Next time if you are planning on getting root canal treatment, then definitely visit WhiteStar Dental clinic as we provide painless root canal treatment in Paschim Vihar.

All our root canal treatments in Paschim Vihar are carried out by our experienced endodontist at an affordable price along with keeping all safety precautions and maintaining a sterile environment. So book an appointment with us now to get Healthy Smiles everyday.

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