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Everything You Need to Know About a Root Canal Treatment or RCT

Root canal treatment is one of the most feared and costly dental treatments that occur on a daily basis in a dentist's clinic. A root canal is basically the removal of debris, dead tissue, and bacteria-filled materials that have entered the inside of the tooth via a cavity or a gum problem.
wondering where you can get a root canal treatment in Paschim vihar? What would be the RCT treatment cost in Paschim vihar?
Well, you have your answer at Whitestar Dental Clinic.

What exactly is a root canal?

A tooth has three layers with which its made, The hard outer layer that protects the tooth, Enamel, the softer yellow layer that handles all the stress that a tooth might have to handle, Dentin, and, the final layer of blood and nerve tissue known as the pulp. All these three play a vital role in the protection, sensation, and repair of the tooth.

Why does a tooth need a root canal?

A tooth undergoes a root canal treatment when the pulp or the blood tissue becomes affected by cavities or caries due to the presence of bacteria in them. This is a slow progression that starts from the enamel and dentin and becomes very painful when it reaches the pulp. Sometimes however a tooth requires root canal treatment (RCT) when it's a part of a bridge or is broken or has suffered a trauma.
So in a root canal, we remove the dirty or decayed part of the tooth and make a way to reach and clean the pulp or infected area out. This is done using rotary files in our clinic, so long hours are not your concern. We then clean and make the area sterile and fill it with a permanent filling material that is compatible with your body. Once the permanent filling is done, a crown or cap is given to the tooth so that it regains its previous strength back. Furthermore, all of this is done in quick and painless sessions for your comfort and care.

Here at Whitestar dental clinic
We provide the best and latest modalities for an RCT. Our experts with more than 10 years of experience can save your tooth, painlessly by doing an RCT. An RCT may require 3-4 sittings or may be done in a single visit. Now you might be wondering what the single sitting RCT cost in Paschim vihar is, we say it's the same as when it requires more than 2 sittings.

So visit Whitestar Dental Clinic now to give yourself freedom from the pain that keeps bothering you at affordable prices. Our quality of work and treatment is the best as technology permits. So visit us now, in GH14 Paschim Vihar, and get Healthy smiles everyday.

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