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Teeth whitening- Why everyone is getting it?

What is tooth whitening?

Tooth whitening or what is commonly known as bleaching is a process in which the teeth are lightened by a few shades by putting a chemical on it. You might think about where to get Teeth whitening in Paschim Vihar and teeth bleaching prices in Paschim Vihar.
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How is it done?

Tooth whitening is done using a chemical known as carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. This chemical is harmful to your gums, so your gums are first protected by a layer of resin known as a dam, which acts as a barrier. Furthermore, the gums are protected by using various other ways such as using cotton or high volume suction, which sucks away any fluid present in the mouth. Then the chemical is applied and left for a certain amount of time. After this the tooth whitens on subsequent application. Each application can lighten the tooth shade upto 3 shades lighter.

Myths related to bleaching

  • Tooth whitening can permanently damage your teeth:

    Is the process of bleaching something that spells bad news for your teeth? Well, in the hands of professionals it is not so. Teeth whitening near you is an intricate process that should not be performed by amateurs to prevent hypersensitivity. So next time you think you should bleach your teeth at home, remember a professional touch is always better, an alternative.
  • Teeth whitening is permanent.

    Once you've gone through the process of whitening you may think it is a permanent change, right?
    Well no, whitening is something that in a country like India, where tea, coffee, and turmeric are on regular diets, there may be a recurrence of staining. However, one pro to whitening done by a dentist is that your teeth will not revert to their original shade of color.
  • Whitening gives an artificial appearance to your teeth

    You may think since it is a treatment provided by a professional, it may cause your teeth to look slightly unnaturally white right? The answer is No- there is a certain finite level of teeth whitening, that is, it's under the control of the dentist and you as well. Once a required shade is achieved the procedure can be stopped at that point.

Why shouldn't I use home bleaching kits, when those are available?

Home bleaching kits and trays seem to be convenient methods to whiten your teeth. However, at-home bleaching always has varied results. Some people who have tooth-colored fillings especially should not try bleaching at home as it may damage the filling. Not only that, this may lead to mismatching the color of your tooth and the filling, by changing the color of the tooth. To avoid such awkward and embarrassing situations, it is always best to go to your dentist and take advice from them before doing at-home bleaching, and opt for in-office bleach instead. We at Whitestar dental clinic, have the Best dentist in Paschim vihar for the same.

How will whitening affect my teeth

Tooth whitening essentially removes the yellowness of your teeth by exposing the underlying layer of the tooth known as the enamel. The only side effects to tooth whitening are those that happen when one doesn't have this protective layer of enamel left on the tooth. In people who have cavities, hypo mineralized enamel, and those that have abrasions or teeth that have weakened due to grinding, it may cause severe sensitivity to hot and cold. Furthermore, excessive use of bleach at home to whiten your teeth may lead to enamel erosion, the protective layer of the tooth, the destruction of which leads to grave consequences for your teeth such as making them more prone to fractures, decay and pain, So it is always better to visit your dentist to get checked for any such problems before using in house bleaching kits. A visit to your dentist is a must if you want to get bleaching done but have cavities or white or brown spots on your teeth so that your dentist can guide you better.

Are there any side effects of Bleaching?

Essentially there are no side effects of bleaching except some sensitivity which can happen in rare cases. However we at Whitestar dental know exactly how to do the procedure without you having to experience any side effects whatsoever. So if you wonder where to get "Pain-free dental treatment near me ", book an appointment with us quickly.

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