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Why an Early Checkup is Required for Kids?

These days maintenance of oral health in children is equally important as the maintenance of their general health and well-being. The first dental visit for a child is recommended to be at one year of age. This is the perfect age to begin so that any intervention required is started at the earliest possible time. To prevent any baby bottle tooth cavities, gum problems, teething problems as well as finger/ thumb sucking that has been prolonged an early intervention can be taken.
From cavities to braces, we at WhiteStar Dental Clinic, are a specialty-based clinic, with a separate pediatric dental set up have the best dentist for kids in Paschim vihar and all of Delhi for the early intervention of all oral health problems in children.

What involves the first visit of a child to a dentist?

The young child is often scared and fussy about visiting a doctor in lieu of fear and unfamiliarity. Making your kid excited instead of instilling fear in them is one of the main things that help the parents with a successful first dental visit of a child. Tell your children how their teeth are looked at with mirrors and cameras, so they need to keep them clean so that their confidence in the visit and fear of the same is decreased. Be sure to carry the medical records of a child to the dentist, so he or she can know about any present or previous medical history.
The first visit is a warm-up for the subsequent visits of the child to a dentist and can prove to be invaluable if your kid requires any dental treatment in the future. It is essential to be patient with the child, and be prepared for short subsequent trips to the dentist, so that child becomes familiar with the environment. It is in the first visit that the child’s oral health is checked and, proper brushing techniques, gum massage for a child undergoing teething, any intervention for habits such as thumb sucking and mouth breathing, etc, are taken.

We at WhiteStar Dental Clinic, make sure you and your child are educated and informed about the right way to go about any issues that are discovered.

How does intervention at an early age help?

Allowing children to be familiar with the equipment and the sound and smell of the area primarily removes the inbuilt fear a child may have with a visit to the doctor.
Furthermore, an early visit helps in the detection of any decay/ Cavities or any misaligned eruption of teeth. This helps in the treatment of the problem at its primary stage so that it doesn’t affect your child's health in any way.

How should you prepare your child?

Tell your child about the clinic or give them an online tour of the clinic, Read books with them about dentists and dental visits, Tell them the positive things from your own experience with a dentist, and Allow them to accompany you or their older brother/sisters. Never use the word drill or needle in front of them. Make the appointment sound like something of a routine instead of it being something very big.

What should the frequency of the visit to the dentist be?

Ideally, akin to an adult, the children should visit the dental clinic at least once in a year if not every six months. We at WhiteStar dental Clinic advise you to visit once every six months.

What steps can you take at home?

Parents usually are the primary caretakers of a child’s oral health until they are old enough to do the same themselves. Make a regularised routine of the same.
1) Make sure to consult your doctor before giving bottle feed for a duration greater than 6 months in an infant.
2) Regularly clean your infant’s gums using a damp piece of clean cloth or gauze after feeding them.
3) Look out for any white patches on the gums.
4) Begin the brushing routine, making sure to brush your child’s teeth using a rice grain-sized amount of toothpaste recommended for kids, when their teeth have come out.
5) Wean the child away from the bottle and breastfeed by the time they are one year of age to prevent any tooth decay due to the same.
6) Avoid the use of pacifiers for a prolonged time period.
7) Help your young child establish a routine to brush their teeth, especially at night, as it is the primary time when cavities occur due to the action of bad bacteria.
8) the best way to educate your child is by leading by example. So teach them by watching them brush their teeth.
Book an appointment with us at Whitestar Dental Clinic, the best dentist for kids in Paschim Vihar and Delhi.

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