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Teeth Whitening: Why It’s the Safest Way to Give Yourself a Pearly White Smile

Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you, so it’s important to keep your teeth looking their best. If your teeth are stained or yellow, you should consider teeth whitening or bleaching.

Teeth whitening or bleaching is a procedure performed by dentists in order to lighten the shade of one’s teeth by a few shades with the help of various chemicals, all safe for use on teeth.

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Have you ever thought about why you don't seem to have a bright smile like others or always have doubts about the hows and why’s of this procedure, no need to worry. This article will solve your queries about everything that you need to know about whitening.

Why get bleaching done?

Bleaching is done to reduce tooth discoloration. Discoloration as such can be caused due to many reasons such as the consumption of certain foods and drinks such as coffee, tea, tobacco products, aging, certain medications, etc.

What to expect when you book a teeth whitening appointment?

There are several teeth whitening and bleaching products in the market and various methods used by professionals, and it can be difficult to know which one to choose.

You might be thinking what exactly is the process and what all products are used in this procedure? So let’s have a look at methods that are being used nowadays for bleaching :

1. A high concentration hydrogen peroxide gel which is applied by a syringe :

In this method, the bleaching gel is applied directly to the teeth and left there for 20 minutes. Generally, two to three applications are required in the whole procedure. This procedure is hassle-free and requires no other special equipment.

2. Laser-whitening: Here, an LED light, UV, or halogen light is used combined with hydrogen peroxide. The light comes out of a laser device that sits outside your mouth.

A brief idea of what is done in this procedure stepwise :

- Your dentist will put a rubber or plastic prop in your mouth to keep it open for a while.

- Next, you’ll be given plastic glasses to wear to protect your eyes

- A gum barrier will be applied to protect your gums usually a light resin material.

- Now the bleaching gel is applied to the teeth and left there for a while

- A laser light is directed onto your teeth and kept there for a few minutes

- The bleaching gel is activated by the heat of the laser light to give its whitening properties

- Finally, the gum barrier is removed and the bleaching gel is rinsed.

3. Take-home whiteners These are custom-fitted mouthguards provided by your dentist that you fill with a bleaching solution and wear for a set period of time, usually one to four hours a day for one to two weeks.

How long does the teeth whitening last and what are the dos and don’ts after getting the treatment done:

No teeth whitening procedure can last forever but there definitely are ways to keep your teeth pearly white for a longer duration. This includes avoiding the consumption of teeth-staining food and products like tea, coffee, and tobacco very frequently and maintaining proper oral hygiene. Moreover, your dentist can always book touch-up appointments to keep your whitened teeth. Take-home trays can be used given by your dentist and are to be used at regular intervals as instructed by your dentist.

Are there any side effects of bleaching?

There are very few side effects of this procedure if done properly. So after getting the whitening done, you may experience a slight amount of sensitivity in your teeth but that’s about it. Great news, right?

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