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Best Implant Dentist in Paschim Vihar

What Are Dental Implants and Why Are They the Best Replacement Options for Your Missing Teeth?

Dental Implants or Implants are the most common titanium screws that are placed in the jaw bone, where they serve as a replacement for the tooth structure that is present within the jawbone for normal teeth. Above these implants are crowns, placed as a replacement of the tooth structure that is visible to the naked eye. However, the difference between implants and regular teeth is impossible to tell once the implants are placed in the Jawbone. We at WhiteStar Dental Clinic have the best Implant Dentist in Paschim Vihar, For Dental implants in Paschim Vihar.

Who can get an Implant?

Any adult who is in good to moderate health is a suitable candidate for Dental Implants. However, proper discussion of your medical history as well as consent from the physician if, you have any medical problem such as diabetes, or are on medications such as blood thinner, is a must before a dental implant procedure. Most adolescents are usually not recommended to get implants until they reach full expected maturity. Always be sure to consult and discuss any medical history you might have with your Implant dentist In Paschim Vihar. Also, the most important factor required for implants is the presence of a healthy jawbone. Although, even if there isn’t enough jaw bone, modern technology and procedures allow us to regenerate enough bone to place implants after a stipulated amount of time.

Why get implants over bridges or dentures?

Conventional treatment modalities such as bridges or dentures usually fix the short-term problem that you might have in respect to your missing teeth, however, they do not prevent any jaw bone from being lost. Our teeth are pillars that support not only eating and cosmetic function but also the shape of the jawbone. Thus, implants when placed, act as your natural teeth and prevent any bone loss from happening, therefore, preventing reshaping of the jaw bone due to the absence of teeth, as they transmit eating forces to the bone present below. Therefore. Dental implants have been recognized as the gold standard for the replacement of teeth.

Crowns and bridges on the other hand require the adjacent healthy teeth to be ground down to a certain extent to make the replacement of one or more teeth feasible. Furthermore, dentures do not prevent bone loss, or fully restore the functionality of teeth. Thus, implants are now considered the best option for the replacement of missing teeth in the mouth.

Is implant also an option for the replacement of multiple missing teeth?

Yes! Implants now have reached a stage of evolution in which they can be used to replace several missing teeth. This, however, requires multiple implants to be placed, usually four or six in number. To make a removable or fixed implant-supported prosthesis that acts as the replacement of natural teeth. All implants once placed require a certain amount of time to facilitate the union between bone and the implants, this healing phase once over, can restore the function of the teeth back to normal.

Once healed, these implants or abutments or posts act as attachments for custom-made bridges or dentures that match your existing teeth if any.

What if all your teeth are absent?

There are two options for the replacement of the teeth if none of the natural teeth are present, one is a removable option while the other is a fixed option. Both these options for dental implants in Paschim vihar are done by our expert Implant dentist in Paschim vihar. The removable option consists of an implant-supported denture. The implants are placed in such a way that they lie below the gums and are given time to fuse with the naturally present bone. Once the healing phase is over, a custom-made bar is placed which attaches to the implants that support the new denture.

The new denture has attachments that fix the denture to this custom-made bar with a snap. These new teeth are placed in such a way that, the bone loss is halted with the help of implants present in the bone, and, the function of the teeth is back to normal,

The fixed option consists of a permanent bridge that is attached directly to the implants via screws or is cemented onto the implants. Once placed they act as natural teeth, which if required can be removed by your best implant dentist in Paschim vihar, for maintenance and cleaning or anything else if a problem arises.

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