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WhiteStar Dental Clinic: A premium dental clinic with a dentist for dentures Paschim Vihar

WhiteStar Dental Clinic is a multispecialty practice, located in GH 14 Paschim vihar, a hub of quality dental treatments, focusing on spreading Healthy Smiles Everyday amongst people of all ages. At WhiteStar Dental Clinic we believe it is of the utmost importance to educate everyone, particularly children to inculcate the correct oral hygiene practices.

There are several reasons for missing teeth, these include having cavities which destroy the tooth, gum disease which leads to the loosening of teeth and their fall, or even situations such as accidents or falls which might lead to tooth loss. There are several ways one can get teeth replaced, starting from sturdy implants or bridges which are a permanent way to replace teeth. However, sometimes such options are not viable due to the absence of bone strength or lack of supporting teeth known as abutments, or even due to systematic medical conditions, such as uncontrolled diabetes, osteoporosis and more. In such cases, we prefer using dentures, commonly known as fake teeth which are removable and can restore function to an edentulous or toothless oral cavity.

At WhiteStar Dental Clinic, our Expert Dentist for dentures Paschim Vihar makes sure you leave with a permanent solution to your tooth problems. With advances in technology, we are now able to create lightweight dentures that not only are biocompatible but are much easier to wear as compared to traditional acrylic dentures. In the following text types of Dentures will be discussed in slight detail.

Based on a number of missing teeth the dentures are of two types, partial dentures which rehabilitate only a few or a particular number of teeth and Complete Dentures which help rehabilitate the entire dentition.

Based on the type of material they are made the dentures can be of three types overall:

1) Dentures with metal Framework: Also known as cast partial dentures, these dentures are made of metal commonly cobalt chromium and /or nickel alloys and acrylic and help restore function to a few teeth in the mouth. Cast partial dentures are heavier to wear, can be uncomfortable for a patient to wear due to their thickness and are an older method to rehabilitate missing teeth. Although newer titanium framework-based dentures are now available, metal framework dentures are less preferable than other types of dentures available.

2) Acrylic Dentures: The most commonly fabricated dentures are acrylic dentures. These are commonly made of a material known as polymethylmethacrylate or PMMA. These dentures are traditionally and widely used to rehabilitate missing teeth both a few or all. They are much more comfortable than dentures with metal framework. Although slightly uncomfortable to wear for first-time users, once one gets used to the denture, both speech and functionality of teeth are restored to a great extent.

3) Flexible Dentures/BPS Dentures: A great alternative to both acrylic and metal framework dentures, flexible dentures are used to replace a few missing teeth made of material that is both lightweight as well as much more comfortable than other types of doctors. BPS dentures are known as Bio-functional Prosthesis systems of dentures which are an excellent alternative to acrylic dentures. Not only are they more friendly to your oral tissues, but they are lightweight and more resistant to fracture as compared to acrylic dentures which can easily break on falling. Their advantages also include better aesthetics, phonetics in speech as well as high patient comfort.

Apart from traditional denture services we also offer treatments such as implant retained dentures or overdentures, depending on the individual needs of a patient. Implant-retained dentures are a partially fixed solution for those who find removable dentures a hassle or those people who have deficient bone and structures for successful retention in the mouth. Using two to four implants, we use dentures that snugly fit onto the attachments over the implants, avoiding embarrassing situations where the denture might fall out or slip or dislodge With pain-free dental treatment Paschim Vihar.

At WhiteStar Dental Clinic our expert denture specialist dentist for dentures Paschim Vihar helps create dentures that are perfect, suitable and comfortable to wear. We offer pain-free dental treatment in Paschim Vihar starting from painless extraction/ removal of teeth that are beyond saving and all the way to fabricating dentures suited to your needs. With advanced anaesthesia delivery techniques such as the star pen; and pre-anaesthesia, we offer stress and pain-free dental treatment, to help give you and your family Healthy Smiles every day.

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