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Affordable Dental Treatment in Paschim Vihar

Are you looking for a dental clinic that provides affordable dental treatment in Paschim vihar? WhiteStar dental clinic has the best dentist for RCT Paschim vihar and all the other dental procedures. We are a multi-speciality clinic that focuses on providing quality as well as affordable dental treatment. So your search is over if your tooth requires an RCT treatment and you don’t know where to go and what exactly is an RCT treatment. Let’s have a look at some of the details regarding this procedure to familiarize you with it.

What is an RCT ( Root Canal Treatment)?
Root canal treatment is the procedure in which the root canal is cleaned and the pulp tissue is removed from the tooth and the empty canal is then filled with an inert material. Gutta purchase is the most commonly used obturating material.

Why is RCT done?
RCT is mostly done when the tooth infection has either reached the pulp tissue or it is approaching the pulp. It is also done when the tooth has fractured and the pulp is exposed.

What are the steps involved in performing an RCT?
It is a multi-step procedure and might or might not require multiple sittings.

Access opening: This is the process of gaining straight access to the root canals with the help of rotary instruments. The infected /involved enamel and dentin are removed and the pulp chamber is deroofed. So the tooth is first anaesthetized and then this step is started.

Bio-mechanical preparation (BMP): In this step, the root canals are prepared in a particular shape and widened. The pulp tissue is removed and canals are irrigated with the help of various irrigating solutions.

Obturation: Now that the root canals have been properly cleaned and prepared, an inert material is placed inside the canals and sealed properly.

Post-endo restoration: After the canals have been obturated, a filling material is put above it and the normal shape and anatomy of the tooth are achieved. It is done by filling followed by a cap fabrication over the tooth.

How to know if your tooth needs a root canal treatment?
It is definitely a concern of your dentist whether your tooth needs an RCT or not but there are also a few symptoms that one might feel that can indicate that the tooth needs attention, so it’s better to know about them so that you can visit your dentist on time before it’s late.

These symptoms are:
The most common sign that your tooth needs attention is pain. The nature of the pain and its onset and severity of it can indicate the need to go for a dental visit. If the pain is lingering and aggravates on taking hot and cold beverages, it is a possibility that the tooth requires an RCT.
Tooth fracture: If the tooth is broken or fractured for any reason and it is painful since then, an RCT may or may not be required.
Discolouration: If the tooth is discoloured, it most likely is non-vital and RCT is indicated in such cases.
Swelling/Pus discharge: Visit WhieStar dental clinic today for affordable dental treatment in Paschim vihar to get healthy smiles every day.

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